World Obesity Day 4th March: Increase during lockdown!!

Q 1: How do I know if my child is overweight or obese ?
A: Any child whose weight is more than for his/her given height may be overweight. To determine if your child is overweight, calculate the BMI [ weight in Kg/ ( height in metre)2 ].
A BMI >23 is overweight and > 27 is obese.

Q 2: Has the lockdown caused an increase in Obesity ?
A: There has been an increase in the numbers of children with obesity, but the cause is not per se lockdown but the inactivity and increased consumption of junk food coupled together has led to this in children.

Q 3: How do I ensure activity with the precautions in place ?
A: Children should be encouraged to be physically active in such times especially when their view time has increased substantially due to online classes:

1) They should be encouraged to take a break and walk around for 5mins after sitting continuously for 1hour.

2) Some form of exercise should be incorporated in their daily schedule for at least 45 mins daily for 5days/ week. This can be walking, cycling, yoga or any physical activity that can be done at home or on the terrace of the house also if you do not wish to go out.

3) Most often children develop the habit of asking for food and water sitting at their desktop or laptops. This must be discouraged and they should be asked to get and fetch things for themselves.

Q 4: How Can I manage their diet ?
A : The easiest way to follow a healthy dietary pattern is the follow the “ 5-2-1-0 “ Rule.

5- for 5 servings of fruits and vegetables
2- for 2 hours or less of non academic screen time
1- 1 hour of physical activity
0- 0 for sweetened or sugary drinks

A child should have a good 8- 10 hours of sleep everyday along with.

Q 5: What happens if Obesity goes unchecked ?
A : If the child continues to gain weight or fails to take action for the same He/ She are prone to several serious health complications like :

  • Hypertension
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Bone Problems
  • High Cholesterol/ Lipid
  • PCOS
  • Liver disease

These can severely impair the health and well-being of any child and are much more difficult to treat.

Obesity is a preventative and easily treatable condition which when managed early can prevent a lot many medical conditions which can follow later.
Childhood obesity is on a rise, hence children should be encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle.