Puberty is a complex process which leads to transition from childhood to adulthood.

However nowadays there is an increasing number of children are going into puberty much earlier.

When do u need to worry?

  • Onset of puberty at age <8 years inĀ  girls and < 9 years in boys.
  • Early Breast and pubic or axillary hair development in girl
  • Increase in size of testis in boys, voice change
  • Child has a change in behaviour, becomes more aggressive, or low attention in studies
  • Sudden gain in height more than the peer group

Special tests are there to diagnose these conditions. Once the diagnose is made they can be treated with GnRh analogues. We will be able to tell you all the features and what to expect in detail.

What is Delayed puberty?

Is also a concern , when there are no pubertal changes starting by 13yrs in girls and by 14 yrs in boys. This can be a cause of significant stress for the child due to peer pressure. It is often a cause of concern for the parents as well.

Both Delay and Early puberty can be a cause of significant concern from the child.

It can hamper his emotional development and affect academic performance.

However timely diagnosis can help to start treat with sex hormones and gonadotropins to help such children grow normally.