Breaking Myths About Type 1 Diabetes in Children!!

Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune condition in which the pancreatic beta cells get destroyed by antibodies and are unable to produce insulin and leads to a deficiency of insulin causing high sugars in Children.

Myth : No one in the family has diabetes so how can the child have type 1 diabetes !
Fact: While it’s true having a parents or sibling increases the chance of getting type 1 diabetes in the family. But a lot of times there is no previous family history of it in the family. It is an autoimmune condition so can develop after any trigger.

Myth : Child ate a lot of sugars or juices and that’s why he/ she got Diabetes !
Fact: No, you do not get type 1 Diabetes by eating sweets, it develops due to a deficiency of Insulin in the body which most often happens due to destruction of the pancreatic beta cells.

Myth : Children with Type 1 Diabetes need to be on a diabetic diet !
Fact: NO! In fact there is no diabetic diet for children with type 1 diabetes. They need a well balance diet including appropriate proportions of protein, carbohydrates, fats and minerals for proper growth and development. They are also allowed to have sweets!!

Myth: Giving too much Insulin can lead to complications !
Fact: No, in fact not giving adequate doses of insulin can lead to very high sugars in the body which can lead to organ damage and complications. In a child whose blood sugars are well controlled on Insulin grows well.

Myth: Once you start your child on Insulin for type 1 diabetes it can cause dependence or addiction !
Fact: No, starting a child with type 1 diabetes does not lead to insulin addiction. Insulin is given because the body is not producing enough insulin to meet the body’s needs. Insulin needs to be given with meals so that the child’s body can use the carbohydrates and nutrition from the diet to aid in his/her growth and development.

Myth: Children with type 1 diabetes can be cured and shifted to oral medicines when they grow up!
Fact: No, in type 1 Diabetes even when the children grow up the pancreas DO NOT regenerate (regrow) or start producing insulin. So they need to be continued on insulin and cannot be shifted to oral medicines.

Myth: Children with type 1 Diabetes cannot play sports!
Fact: No, in fact physical activities and playing games help keep the sugars in normal range and are encouraged in children with type 1. There are many famous International cricket personalities who are type 1. Diabetics !