Rickets is the commonest b one disease seen in children in India. It is a result of Vitamin D deficiency resulting in weak bones.

What should you look for?

  • Children complaining of frequent leg pains.
  • Child developing bowing or legs, wide wrists
  • If the child has fractures due to none severe fall or during regular play
  • Late eruption of teeth.

Even though playing in sun is a good source of vitamin D, most of the children have low levels of Vitamin D. This is due a lot of factors including the time, duration of sun exposure.

What should you do?

If you see any such symptoms consult an endocrinologist. They would do the necessary tests to find out the levels of Vitamin D by blood tests and X-rays.

If diagnosed on time this can be treated before the deformities increase.

What is Juvenile osteoporosis?

It is a condition in which the child has weak bones due to poor mineralization. This in turn can lead to bone pains and repeated fractures with minimal trauma in children.

How do u diagnosis it?

Meet your endocrinologist, they will do specific test of blood and DEXA scan to ascertain the bone density.

A normal and healthy diet may not be sufficing to maintain adequate Vitamin D levels in the body.

What is Osteogenesis imperfecta?

It is a genetic condition which results in weak bones resulting in easy fractures even without any trauma.They may additionally have scoliosis, blue sclera and short stature. Children with OI are prone to repeated fractures and need to be managed with special medication to strengthen bones and occupational thera-py.